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A few things to know about how best to use our websites
Hi, Im Steve, sorry if you expected a suit and tie but thats not required here :-)    Hi, I'm Steve alias HBH Admin :-)
Welcome to the Home Business Network of websites.

Where's my suit and tie you ask? . Yes we could get dressed up to impress you, but you might like to ask yourself this, "am I sitting here in a suit or evening dress?" . I bet your not :-)

Ourselves and our Network are here to help in any way we can, assist where we can, advise our members and visitors when asked, plus provide as many up to date tools and value services to help as we can.

We happen to live very near the beach and this for good or for bad, is how I tend to get around my home office when working online.

A good point to remember in life just and in business is, things aren't neccessarily always as they seem :-)

The Home Business Network
Our network of websites which at this time include :
the site you are at now.
even more resources.
value business hosting,
HBH's own safelist.
HBH' own Auto Surfer :-)
A place to just relax and play at HBH :-) To forget about work for a while.

Our entire network of Websites are designed and setup to be as user friendly as possible.
( concidering how much we have available for members and visitors stacked within the sites )
We hope that we are providing a place to make you feel at home.

Our aim is that after browsing the site, you will want to revisit and use our
services to the maximun of their potential.

We hope you realise that our services are on the whole free and all we ask
is that register as a free HBH member when and if asked to do so.

When you are prompted to register for any specific service that
we have to offer, you can do so knowing that your details are
very safe with us at HBH.
We have an extemely ridgid email address and personal details policy.

We do have some extended services only available to Full members .
Tailor made graphics for display pages, banners and graphics for use
with the virtual message system are just a few of the extra things that
are available to our Full members :-)

Full members can also have their own business display page constucted for an unbelievable low $20.oo as part of full membership along with all sorts of extra assistance that we should charge for
but usually dont :-)

All the full member benefits are great value as you will see when
and if you read the member benefits pages.

Before you browse our site it's good that you have taken the time to read this first.

We have tried to make HBH as easy as possible to navigate considering how much there is in the way of tools, features and assorted areas of interest that you will want to visit during your daily use of all the websites.

YES : All of our website are separate from each other but are linked together

There are NO POPUPS! anywhere within HBH, so if you click any links that open in a new window please just let it load so that you can access the service.

We have quite alot of different free services that you can use for private or for business uses, so the site has been set up to suit that fact. The use of second browser windows is common through out the site. Most of which simply need to be closed after use.

As with most websites until you get to know how we have set the entire site up, you will probably find that things are a little alien to you, which is to be expected.
A few of the main ways the site is setup and operates are described below to give you a few clues.

Opening in New Windows
As mentioned, you will notice that many of the links that you use will open in new windows.
This is deliberate and for a reason. Most of these new windows are so that you can either use separate services together, or so that you can choose to close the window behind if you want. Alot of the windows only need to be closed once read or used.
Windows like the ones that our newsletters and special reports open in are a good example. Once read you only need to close them and this leaves you still within the site with the window that you had open firstly, so that you can keep using our other services .

The services that open in new windows.
  • Our HBH Virtual message/card system
  • The HBH Business card cork boards.
  • The HBH free classifieds.
  • The HBH Calendar
  • Free Downloads
  • Our member Uploads window
  • The HBH Forum ( if entered from any of the main site pages )
  • The entire Non Profit Communities section.
  • Quite a general few Information windows
  • Some Registration windows.

    As I mentioned above, you will get used to the site as you get the chance to use the different services.
  • The HBH Forum
    The forum is a totally free service provided for all visitors and members.
    All that is required is that you register with a few details to become a part of it.
    The forum is probably the most important part of the site because it is full of information and it is the place to ask your questions and more importantly, get the answers.
    We hope you join the forum and say hi .

    If you enter the forum from the main site
    As mentioned above the forum will open in a new window so that you still have full access to all the other sections of the site whilst you read the latest posts or post your own comments.

    In the same way but in reverse, if you are in the forum and have closed the main HBH website window and you click any of the quick links, within the forum, you will notice that they open in new windows.
    This is for the same reasons. It leaves the forum open for you to continue using it without the hastle of going back and forth ..

    My advice : The HBH website is best used with 2 windows open and closing the new windows that open for temporary use with any service.

    We hope you enjoy your visit and remind you that we are here to help if you want it.
    We are open to all visitors from all walks of life running all types of businesses.
    BIG or SMALL, it doesn't matter.

    We have a slightly less strict, friendly attitude towards rules and restrictions than some other websites that you may be registered with .
    We encourage the use of all other websites to promote and grow your business, so do not be affraid to say your peace, or state your case, on any matter, about any other website that you are a member of. ( we don't bite ) like some :-) ..

    your friends at home Business
    Steve & Kerri

    Just close this wiondow when you are finished :-)