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Hi everyone, this is me Kerri-Ann
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in the Forum or on the HelpDesk. We do offer quite a lot of benefits to free registered members, so why not register :-)
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Our network of HBH websites at this time include :
the site you are at now.
even more resources.
value business hosting,
HBH's own safelist.
A place to just relax and play at HBH :-)

We aim to assist you any way we can with the building and running of your own business online or offline, in as cost effective and friendly a manner as possible.

Our websites are totally open to people from all walks of life, running businesses of all types without restriction.

You can promote your business in a wide variety of ways to numerous to mention .
If you would like to register for free, you can very easilly, by dropping into the HelpDesk or the Forum and join . You might meet Kerri while you are thier :-)

We have taken a very interactive approach to our members needs and have setup many ways for them to communicate to each other and to advertise themselves and their businesses quite freely within our websites.

We offer free member registration plus, very low cost full membership for people looking for a few extra website services and assistance at a nominal costs.
How to best use this Website :-)
We offer alot! of free services to our visitors
to help build their businesses.
We are getting quite alot of traffic through the site
from visitors using services that do not require having to register, which is quite ok with us as even our free
registration is not mandatory for some services :-)
If you like what we have to offer and want to use all
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You can Register as a FREE Member at the Help Desk
------------------------------------------------- You may have your own manufactured product range,or be marketing products or services that you promote by direct sales, party plan, at local markets or just on the internet or a mixture of these types. In any case we are here to assist you.
More Services available at HBH
We have added the HelpDesk to HBH : its full of great Info and ways to promote your business :-)

* Our own Webblog
We now have our own Webblog for you to write your own articles and make comments. We are using the Webblog as an area to setup some general training material for you to read as well as in our forum.
So if you are interested in putting together your own article or you are just looking for some general information regarding business related issues, go, take a few minutes, relax and have a quiet read.

* Aussie Websites :-)
We added some interesting content, with thanks to Comeonaussie.com. You can now browse for Australian Businesses and services from within HBH, to find all the latest Aussie websites.

* Free Hosting
Non Profit groups and organisations can now apply for totally Free multiple page websites within HBH and get full assistance with all their internet needs.
If you know any Non profit groups that you think might like this free service, you might be interested to ask about how you could sponsor them for FREE and obtain your banner on their pages as the sole sponsor.
This is another great way for you to get the word out to your local community.

* Our own Calander
We now have our own online Calander for the use of all. If you have an event that you would like included let us know.

You will find also on these pages, a Totally Free Audio Trainng Ebook thats packed with great quallity Audio tutorials, plus their is another great tuitional Internet marketing Ebook, all FREE and simple to download for your personal use.

* Free Member Newsletter Hosting
If you have your own newsletter and would like some extra free exposure just contact us to have it displayed here on HBH Free :-)
With over 52,000 pages viewed and 1,200 unique visitors last month, this is a great way to get that little extra traffic to your website.

Free Resources
We offer free resources  , free tools and information to help you build your business. All you need to do to access our free downloads section, is register to enter.

We offer a free newsletter and a free community forum that will help you connect and network with other people working from home.
Our forum has a separate text chatt service, you can also send private messages to other members on the forum plus you can advertise your business in many different ways.
If you are new to forums you should try to spend a little time reading what others have posted to get an idea of how they operate. Forums are probably one of the best free tool to help you build your business.
Registration is Free to all these areas plus more!.

Submit your Website Free
We offer a free website submission service to all our visitors to list your site with major search engines.
Submit for free here
Website Design & Hosting
If you already have your own business we also offer complete website design and hosting services to suit all budgets.
Starting from our basic member display pages that we offer at unbelievable rates, right through to complete tailored design packages to service your individual needs. Free quotes and advice on request.
Our Forum
We offer our forum to everyone to participate in free . Forums are the best ways to learn, ask questions and advertise your business to others. We fully encourage all that use it to ask questions,voice thier opinions, give thier views and make comment as often as they like.
We can, on request, setup areas for individuals groups to post training materials and leave information for their teams to keep up with what is happening and to exchange ideas.

All members recieve our free newsletters that are full of usful hints, tips and feature articles.
Members are able to advertise with in it by arrangement.
Just register with us free, then contact us to set up your display add. The newsletters are also archived for every one to use for reference ect..

Please Remember
We, Kerri and myself are here, to provide the best possible services that we can, to anyone that owns or runs their own business.

If you are thinking of setting up your own business on the web, we are able to help you with your internet Design and Hosting requirements at rates that represent great value for your dollar. It dosen't matter if you only need a professional single page display or a full multi page product display site.

With all of our great value hosting packages comes the Free construction of your own banner, virtual business card and assistance with your product graphics if needed.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to set your business up Online :-)

We try at all times, to give the most current information available to us when advising or recomending any service or company to our members or visitors. If you are still looking for a new business online we can help also. If need be, we can help make the connection for you, with only pre-qualified reputable businesses.

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NEW HBH Service!! Great deals : with help :-)
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