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From Home Business Help.com Admin
You will find that when you go to use some of our free services that you are asked to register,
your self as a free member to enable access and to set up your accounts in some cases.
( eg: our free classifieds )

We have left service registrations separate, which means that you may be required
to register Free, separately to use a particular service.
If you drop into register at the forum, you can choose to have your email visible or
not after registering as a Free forum member.

In doing things this way, it allows all Free members the option to remain anonymous to other
visiting free members, especially if they only want to use a particular service.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this privacy setup.

Special Note
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We will never sell or pass on any email addresses to any third party for any reason,
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Registering with us is very worthwhile as we do offer alot of help and resources to our
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