Terms and Conditions :
( Applies to all Home-Business-Help.com & Home-Business-Host.com services )
  • By taking or accepting any Home-Business-Help , Home-Business-Host, website hosting or design offer you do agree to our terms and conditions.
  • Any Business that we host found to be engaging in any poor business practice
        ( eg: spam/pornography ect ) that is reported to us will be removed immediately
        from our server.
  • Payment for these incredible value hosting and design services must be made
       before setup or construction will commenced by us.
  • Constructed pages/sites
    You will be allowed at no extra charge 1 free edit adjustment/change after the building of your pages.
       Any editing after that 1 will be charged at low cost but will be on a case by case basis to
       be discussed and agreed before editing will be commenced.
       ( eg: email change of address $10.oo Aust ) ( eg: new image installation $15.oo Aust )
       These charges are necessary to make sure that new members make some effort to do it themselves
       before requesting help.
       We love providing this service but the time it takes to edit our server every day is huge
       and we must keep this under control.
  • Your year ( 6 month or 12 mths ) of hosting will commence from the date we first upload your page
       for general viewing online.
       Editing your site by us including ( your 1 free edit by us ) after the initial building
       will be concidered as part of your 12 mths.
  • Due to the extremely low cost or our std full HBH Memberships ($50.oo AU) and having read and agreed to our terms and conditions you understand that no refunds are available for full memberships under any circumstances.

    Requirements & charges:
  • All images sent to us to use in your page must be in GIF or JPG format
  • All images should if possible be no larger than 200W x 100H .
       Any images that we receive that are larger will be resized to suit.
  • Extra images required at the time of first registering or odering your membership or package, can be edited and installed into your
       page at a small cost per image / $5.oo Aust ea.
  • Extra images required anytime after the time of first registering or ordering can be edited and installed
       into your page also at a small cost per image / $10.oo Aust ea.
  • 300 words only of text content will be edited to suit single member pages.
       ( unless otherwise agreed ) at the time of first registering.
  • Any text required to be added after the first time of registration above the 300 words
       will be edited to suit your page at low cost to members . ( eg :extra 100 words $10.oo Aust)
  • All content sent to us should be in std .TXT format ( yourtext .txt )
  • We require all our businesses hosted to provide a full pop email address
       for use on your enquiry form .
       eg: you@your isp.com/net ect ( yahoo / geocities ect web email will not be accepted)
  • We offer unbeatable value for money with all our website desing,construction and setup.
    Billing is as agreed at the time of ordering, in 6 month or 12 month pre paid blocks.
    As you hopfully will understand, due to the amount of phisical work involved with production of these single member pages and full website design and construction packages, the graphical work, setup and editing involved, prohibits us from offering refunds after delivery.
    (nor we do not offer a refund as part of this Standard full membership due to the display page that is constructed as a part of membership)
    All Website setup, construction and design, we undertake in good faith and will only refund deposits prior to delivery, at our discression.
  • Budget Shopping cart packages. Due to the DIY nature of our Budget Shopping cart packages, after the 12 month pre-paid Hosting setup and script installation has been done , no refunds are available.
  • With any and all other completed full website design, building, or hosting packages we do offer free graphics assistance, banner construction, some after sales graphical editing, website maintinance assistance and more, therfore, their are no refunds after completion and delivery of finished full packages.
    This is as mentioned above and as you would understand is due to the extrordinary time and effort required, that we put into these projects in good faith.

  • Full Refunds
    Full refunds are only available during a 7 day cooling off period after payment has been processed, except for special shopping cart setups where the cooling off period does not apply.
    ( refer to the above - Budget Shopping cart packages )

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