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25 August, 2004
Online Business :
Websites : A few Myths and Truths

Written by Steve: HBH Admin
Dont worry, this pic isn't me...
I dont wear glasses..?
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Well yep , here we go again..
Another hard hitting , spellbinding expose,
delving this time into some basic facts about
websites, the myths, the facts and thier and effectivness.

Ok, your probably right, not so spell binding but definately hard hitting.

If you have had little experience at this stage, you may gain some insight into the more common myths about websites, their use and success rates.

In this small report, I'd like to cover and explain a few thing about Websites in general.
I will describe in short, a couple of the mostly overlooked facts about websites.

This report is again as i always say, at the start,
will be useful to new to online business, builders
and in this case, anyone that dosen't like to
spend their hard earned proffits on methods of
operation that arent cost effective.
Another shooting from the hip TIP

Internet MYTHS and TRUTHS...

Wow ... could I, like many other webmasters, write a bible sized article on this subject...
But for now I will take just one point that gets lost in the mist, or the excitment of online businesses with websites.
This little tip to keep in your mind, is very important to remember, no matter if you are the owner of your own business or an affilliate partner / member of any of the thousands of organisations online today.

I always have said and believe that the truths and myths behind the internet as a whole are somewhat hidden to most users.

Myths :
"build or SETUP ANY!! website" ; your own dotcom; an affilliate site; or a subdomain hosted site; and you will get traffic...

list on search engines and you will get traffic ...

Pay for submissions and you will get tons of traffic...

Build great meta tags and you will be searched out by traffic using search engines ...

and the list of myths goes on and on .......
My point with those dreadfully correct statements is that Stand Alone and thats how you will more than likely STAY...


I've been there on and off over the last 9 years with one site or another and it's not the place to be, or run a business from, I assure you...
( UNLESS YOU SPAM THE PLANET TO DEATH OF COURSE ) which would be a tad naughty and get you into deep touble eventually....

All this is very true from my experience creating our own websites and with building websites for private people and companies of which I have done quite a few over the years .

  • Websites are a tool.
  • They can cost alot per month to have put up for you .
  • A tool that should to be used wisely.

    Business based websites are very numeruous to say the least as you all well know.
    The thing that most don't really understand, except for the obvious, is that a Stand Alone Website is extremely hard to promote on a broad basis.

    It doesn't matter whether its a nice page you make yourself, a great designed affilliate site that you pay a monthly charge for "ouch!!" or a free company site provided for you ....
    THEY ALL WILL DO NADDA FOR YOU unless traffic passes by to visit.....

    To describe what i mean :
    A Stand Alone Website is one hosted on its own unique piece of web-space or "site" as most refer to it as, not connected to any other site except for perhaps a few links to other places online..

    These STAND ALONE sites can be setup on your own "DOT.COM" or on a subdomain name site " eg: "

    We personally have a quite a few of them which we promote our.... All Australian Dominant business with.
    ALL these types of sites have one very big thing in common.
    THEY ALL HAVE TO HAVE TRAFFIC "visitors" POINTED, OR STEERED AT THEM, to have any chance of enquiry success.

    Now to explain stand alone a little better, I use Home Business Help, our website as the example.

    In the beginning ...
    when we opened this site it was up to just Kerri and myself to get the ball rolling.

    NOW though ...
    It is still up to Kerri and myself, but with some help from our members to drive as they say traffic to our website .
    This then lets ourselves and more so, our members benefit from the 1000 unique visitors we had last month, generating 20,000 separate page views that were recorded .

    As a group we achieve vastly more traffic to our pages than if we were stand alone....

    Our aim is to build the traffic up to the tens of thousands over time .
    This will mean that our members and ourselves will get alot more traffic passed our pages, banners, advertisements and our opportunities than would ever be possible from each of our own individual websites just like our personal Dominant site, that has to have traffic driven to it by just myself and Kerri alone.

    This "group style" approach creates the second type of site
    The NON STAND ALONE Website, just like we are building here at Home Business Help and many other alike member based websites online use this group approach to ALL our advantages.

    Your member pages cost very little, can still have traffic driven directly to it by your signatures and advertisements that you post everywhere, BUT it gets the advantage of our efforts advertising the site PLUS your fellow members traffic as well ...

    As a web designer I hate seeing people spend large sums of money on STAND ALONE websites and affiliate hosted packages knowing that they may as well have joined a group, taken advantage of budget pricing and services which WOULD DEFINATELY have had way more effect than spending all that cash just to wind up .... STANDING ALONE ????

    The power of 1 has had alot of things said about it over the years..
    But online its a virtual death sentence unless you are one extremely rare individual....

    Work in groups, join groups, advertise to groups, host and build your pages or sites within groups and you will build a great ...
    GROUP Without going broke or growing old before you succeed..

    To this end ... I thank all our visitors and members for their kind words and support over the last 2 months during our setting up stage.
    We are, for a new website doing very well and....
    I promiss you just one thing , we will be continuing to increase the traffic to this site as fast as we can .

    REMEMBER : Unlike a dreaded "Stand Alone" website, this traffic that we all generate through the site will benefit ALL of us .... not just Home Business Help.....

    My advice:
    Have a few pages spread accross the net, privately arranged full display if you can afford the nominal costs, profile pages are great ,usually free, plus if you are supplied with them , your free company provided site ?..

    Your own creations " pages "should be located within communities, setup at low cost, use them all well.

    Avoid high cost fancy presentation company websites unless you can really afford them!!

    They dont work any better than your personal own profile when its boiled down ..

    The reallity of fancy ( paid for upgrade ) Maromedia flash " life style" presentations is that they are these days being seen to be what they are.
    An idea that did work for a while in the early days online, but now are just a way for web based companies to generate even more revenue from thier members... Now before you get upset with me understand this fact.

    Those expensive monthly paid websites are "subdomain-ed " plus ususally numbering in the hundreds if not thousands and what that means, as a stand alone website is that they will almost never get picked up by search engines.
    So what are you paying for with them ? JUST THE PRESENTATION that most of us have seen many many times before on many many company websites...

    If you think they are worth the hundreds of dollars per year to have one, sure go for it , but remember that it will be only the traffic that you drive to it that will ever see it ...

    Your own created pages,profiles or member pages where ever they are located will generate more interest than any flashy stand alone presentation that you have to drive traffic to your self.

    No matter which way you choose to set up:

    Point them at each other "cross linking" where ever its possible or by URL's or signatures at the least.
    "participate" in and at all your personal sites forums etc where ever they are, this way you will have success and get to meet people from all over to help you build your business.


    I will be adding to this topic over the next couple of reports

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    I'LL BEBARK again ! Now this is more like me !!
    with more shooting from the hips style comments and advice...

    Kindest regards
    your friend and...

    Dont forget ,feel free to post any thoughts that you may have on this subject .
    The original copy of this report is on the Business Training and tips board.
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