Welcome to Home-Business-Help.com : Members File Upload

  • To upload your files to our server is easy.
  • Just follow the steps below.   ( slowly ) if your new to this please.
    1/  Enter the login name you were given by us into the " login " field.
    2/  Enter the password you were given by us into the " password " field.
    3/  Hit the" Browse " button to loacate your file, on your P/C ,that you want to upload .
    4/  Once you have located your file just click it once, then click "open" in the choose file window.
    5/  Now the file should be loaded in the " Upload file field. "
    6/  You now can hit the Blue " Upload Now " button .
    Your file may take a few seconds to upload , so please be patient.( please only hit upload once )
    You will be taken to a new window with a confirmation or rejection notice posted .
    If your file was uploaded ok you can hit the back button and start the next file upload.

    Special note:
    If you get an error and are taken to a page that has no "BACK" button :-(
    Just right click the window and hit back from the windows pop out menu :-)
    Upload file:
    (500K Max)

    Admin only