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Networking is an absolute necessity for any business operator. Through networking you not only get the word out about your own business, but you gain support from other business operators. It is a way to ensure that you continue to learn, meet people and swap and exchange ideas about marketing, etc.

Home Business Help offers a Community Forum where you can meet other people who are also running their own Home Business. We offer support and information that will help you to gain more knowledge and understanding about many topics.

The HBH Community Forum also offers you an opportunity to further promote your business to a larger audience.

We are also members of a number of other sites that offer Community Forums. We recommend that you visit, join and participate in as many forums that you choose.
They are an excellent form of promotion and support.

All the sites mentioned here all have their own personalities and offer their own resources including Community Forums to their members. We recommend them all.

Tips on Making the Most from Community Forums.

  • Always have your URL in your signature.
  • Always introduce yourself in the appropriate place, before posting elsewhere.
  • Try to participate in discussions.
  • Try to start new threads.
  • Ask questions and answer other members questions.
  • Do not just visit community forums to advertise or promote your business.
  • Do use the forums to get to know more business people.
  • Visit your favourite forums on a regular basis.
  • Remember that all forums have different personalities, see which ones you are attracted to.
  • Try to spell check and grammar check your posts before submitting.
  • Always be polite and supportive of other forum members.
  • Never make disparaging comments or be negative towards others.

    Networking can be very rewarding and is
    definately the best way to grow your own
    business either online and off.
    It can also be fun meeting people if you
    choose to take it seriously.

    Go forth and multiply

  • Some very basic but essential advice
    Before you go and checkout these other Networking Websites, you might like to take special note of these last few comments....
    Extraordinarily, over looked advice:
    Participation gets you noticed!
    One major point to remember when re visiting
    any website to check if you have any messages
    or enquiries ect, is that if you want any enquiry or
    expect any interest to be shown by others toward you, YOU MUST POST something, or at least REPLY to someone elses post to expect to BE SEEN ! .
    The more you post the more you are seen !! and dont forget to make sure your signature is on every post and is correct in its detail.
    ( URL's and Email's ect...)

    If you follow these simple bits of advice you
    will get the most from your experiences at these websites.
    Good luck and good hunting but remember
    to try to have a little fun as well if you can. :-)
    Some of the people you meet will be more
    responsive to a little humor mixed with your serious posts.

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